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Book Review - Lata Sur : Gatha by Yatindra Mishra

 लता की यादों का कारवाँ 

'इंडिया टुडे' के नवीनतम अंक में लता:सुर गाथाके कुछ अंश। 

'लता : सुर-गाथाभारत-रत्न लता मंगेशकर और युवा अध्येताकला मर्मज्ञ यतीन्द्र मिश्र के बीच वर्षों तक चले लंबे सतत संवाद पर आधारित है। यह लता जी की जीवन यात्रा का जीवंत दस्तावेज़ है। लता जी के आत्मीय सहयोग से निर्मित उनके सुरों की यह गाथा उनके प्रशंसकों को और पाठकों को समर्पित है।

साभार : India Today Hindi
धन्यवाद: Yatindra Mishra


एक ऐसा संवाद जो इससे पहले कभी सम्भव न हुआ था 

'हिन्दुस्तान टाइम्स' (लखनऊ संस्करण) में 'लता : सुर-गाथा' की चर्चा

'लता : सुर-गाथा' में युवा अध्येता Yatindra Mishra ने सुर-साम्राज्ञी के छह वर्षों के सान्निध्य को एक रचनात्मक उपलब्धि में कायान्तरित कर दिया है। सम्वादों की एक सतत शृंखला के रूप में इस पुस्तक की रचना की गयी है जिससे लता जी की आवाज़ की पूरी दुनिया का एक विराट चित्र उभर कर सामने आता है।

साभार : Hindustan Times
धन्यवाद : Madhulika Singh


शुक्रवार पत्रिका के दीपावली विशेष अंक में पुस्तक 

 'लता : सुर-गाथा' से एक अंश..... 

लखनऊ लिटरेचर फेस्टिवल में
'लता : सुर-गाथा' सत्र में हुई चर्चा की एक बानगी...

लता सुर-गाथा के सत्र  में चर्चा करते यतीन्द्र मिश्र, मालिनी अवस्थी 
और ऋचा अनिरुद्ध 

साभार : जागरण सिटी (लखनऊ)

 लता के अंदर की लता   

 साभार : दैनिक हिन्दुस्तान 
धन्यवाद : शिवेन्द्र कुमार सिंह 

27 नवम्बर 2016 (दिल्ली)
पेज न. 11 


  सांगीतिक भाव-भाषा का वृहद ग्रंथ  

 लता सुर-गाथा 

 साभार : दैनिक नवज्योति
19 नवम्बर 2016  


  लता मंगेशकर से यतीन्द्र मिश्र की बातचीत  

 साभार : नया ज्ञानोदय 
अक्टूबर 2016 

लेखक यतीन्द्र मिश्र के लिए 'लता सुरगाथाको स्वर्ण कमल मिलने का सुखद समाचार

समाचार-अंश Sanjay Narhari Patel जी की वॉल से साभार|


लता:सुर-गाथा को स्वर्ण कमल मिलने की खुशी को अब भी समेट रहा हूँ:
यतीन्द्र मिश्र

साभार : हिन्दुस्तान टाइम्स सिटी, लखनऊ 
11  अप्रैल 2017 


साभार : Inext Live 


तिनका तिनका जोड़ गुंथी लता-सुरगाथा : यतीन्द्र मिश्र 

 साभार : दैनिक जागरण 
24 अप्रैल 2017 


सुरों से खिला 'स्वर्ण कमल'

साभार : आउटलुक 
अंक: 8 मई, 2017


साभार : फ़ेमिना हिन्दी, मुम्बई 
29  मार्च  2017


DNA Daily News & Analysis, 2 July 2017
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Writer Yatindra Mishra on 7 year long conversation with L Mangeshkar

Poet, editor and cinema scholar Yatindra Mishra at a literary festival
alt GARGI GUPTA | Sun, 2 Jul 2017-07:15am , DNA
Yatindra Mishra interviewed Lata Mangeshkar for seven years for Lata: Sur-gatha. The 500-page book hand-holds you through the musical legend's life, says Gargi Gupta
You spoke to Lataji for four long years, from 2010 to 2014, for this book. But how did the idea of doing such a book arise?
In the world of Indian music, Lata Mangeshkar is so big a star that it comes as a shock to realise that we actually know little about the nightingale of India. For instance, how many know the name of her father? Or which was the first raga she learnt? Yatindra Mishra's book, Lata: Sur-gatha (Vani Prakashan), the winner of the 2016 Swarna Kamal at the National Film Awards, answers all these questions and more. Excerpts:
I spent seven years in a long association with the legendary Lataji and spoke with her not only about her long musical journey, but also about the changing scenario of playback singing in the Hindi film industry. Like teeming billions across the globe, I am an ardent admirer of Lata Mangeshkar's singing. I wanted to write a long, researched account on her life.
Earlier, I had penned a book on thumri singer Girija Devi and an account on Bharatnatyam and Odissi dance exponent Sonal Mansingh. Ever since, I wished to review music in cinema in a literary and serious manner. I am fortunate to have Lataji as my project.

She's said to be a very private person - what was her reaction when you went to her with the proposal?

She was very generous and positive about the book proposal. She has known our family for a long time and has seen me grow as a writer from Girija to Hamsafar. She read my two compilations on Gulzar and Sur ki Baradari on Ustad Bismillah Khan, and felt that it would be nice to see me write the book. As it was a musical journey, she was not apprehensive about speaking of her private life.

You asked her everything, including what hair oil she uses when she has a headache, but there was very little about her love life. Did she decline to answer the question?

I was trying to explore her image as an artist. So whatever mundane details crept in were in the course of the conversation, and they were made a part of the book to add a humane touch and also for comic relief. And we are continually talking about the greatest love of her life, to which she has dedicated her life—music.

Despite how big she is, and how important to the history of Indian music, very few have looked at her critically. Why do you think this is so? Does your book try to fill this gap?

The gap exists because people, writers and readers alike, try to undermine an artist for her human shortcomings instead of glorifying her artistic achievements. I am fortunate that my publisher, Arun Maheshwari, never pushed me to talk about Lataji's private life to make this book for sensational reasons.



Telangana Today, 2 July 2017

Yatindra Mishra, the writer who jots down tales of legends
Yatindra Mishra belongs to the Ayodhya royal family and is one of the renowned writers who has written great books in Hindi
By Author  |   Published: 2nd Jul 2017  11:03 pm Updated: 2nd Jul 2017  11:23 pm
Yatindra Mishra
Always choosing personalities from the musical background, noted writer Yatindra Mishra has written about maestro, thumri singer Girija Devi, dancer Sonal Mansingh and has done a compilation of Gulzar’s writings.
He also wrote a book Humsafar, which talks about 100 years of music in Hindi cinema. The author visited the city on Saturday where he interacted with some Hindi literature lovers in an event ‘Kalam’ jointly conducted by Prabha Khaitan Foundation and Taj Krishna and spoke about his recent launch ‘Lata: Sur Gatha’ written on the life of legendary melody queen Lata Mangeshkar. So, get to know about the author who talks to Tabloid Today about his journey so far.
Tell us about the journey in the making of the book Lata: Sur Gatha?
Writing this particular book took me seven years. I had been in constant touch with Lata ji through different mediums. I live in Ayodhya and she lives in Mumbai, so I managed the conversation over telephone and often by visiting her in Mumbai.
How did you take up writing?
I do not have any idea of how I chose writing but I always used to read a lot and write poems. This is how it continued and my first work ‘Yada-Kada’ which is a poetry collection was published in the year 1997, when I was 20 years old.
The focus of your books is always music. Why?
I think the only reason behind it is that I feel passionate writing about it and this is the genre I can write very well. Especially, I am a music lover and that is why writing books on music and musical personalities interests me.
What is your next book? Have you decided it yet?
The next would be on the legendary poet Gulzar. I already wrote about the compilation of his poetries but this time which I am working on would be about him.
Any reason behind choosing to write the life history of these eminent personalities?
I think the success and stories of the struggle of achievers need to be told, their life can be inspiration to thousands but many of the great personalities are not with us in this world anymore and stories of most of them have not been told. So, someone has to bring them to the world and I am doing it.
What do you think about the demand of Hindi books among readers?
I do not see any fall in the number of Hindi readers. The online portals and book festivals have made it easy to reach out to the readers. 
Hindi books are also available as e-books. One of the best examples I can give is that the translation of English books into Hindi are doing good business then the originals are undoubtedly are doing great.
What can readers expect from your books which have years of investment of time?
I would say it can be a study material for people. Whether they want to opt it for research purpose or some creative works they will find the entire details regarding those personalities.
What message would you want to give to aspiring writers?
The only thing one can do to become a writer is to read as much as possible. One should always keep in mind that they should write when they feel like not because of the deadlines or just to get published.



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