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Publisher : Vani Prakashan
Total Pages : 220
ISBN : 978-93-5000-107-3(HB)
Price :  `350(HB)
Size (Inches) : 5.75X8.75
First Edition : 2010

From Book...
"Ramakatha; Utpatti aur Vikas" , originally written in Hindi, has been translated into Marathi and Malayalam. Its English translation prepared by Dr. Richard Barz of the University of Canberra (Australia) is perhaps still under publication. The book in a way is the first of its kind. It is the first complete detailed account of the various literary compositions based on the Rama-Story available. besides in the languages of India, in those of Ceylone, Burma, Tibet, Malayasia, Thailand, Indonesia etc. It is also the first account of the genesis and development of each and every incident and character of the story. Its range is simply astounding and kaleidoscopic. It underscores, for the first time, the immense international popularity of the story. Its range is simply astounding and kaleidoscopic. It underscores, for the first time, the immense international popularity of the story and its deep influence of India and South-East Asia. It is in a way a homage to the genius of Valmiki who gave a definitive form of the story and brought out the enduring ideals and values inherent in it and raised it to enviable and everlasting literary heights. Dr. Bulcke explodes the theory that Ramakatha has its roots in the Vedas. on the basis of internal and external evidences, he arrivals at the conclusion that the story is basically historical and dates back to the 7th-8th Century B.C.

Book's Contents
1.  About Valmiki
2.  More About Valmiki
3.  The Ramayana : Its History and Character
4.  The Genesis of the Valmiki Ramayana Recensions
5.  The Genesis of the Balakanda
6.  Alberuni and the Ramakatha
7.  The Birth Story of Sita
8.  Sita's Friend Trijata
9.  The Repudiation of Sita
10. The Characterization of Hanuman
11.  An Indonesian Birth-Story of Hanuman
12.  The Faith of a Christian: Devotion to Hindi and to Tulsi
13.  Tulsi- A Poet of Humanity
14.  The Wonder that is Tulsidasa
15.  A Note on a Stanza of the Mahimastotra
16.  Hinduism
17.  Ethics and Avataravada
18.  Avatar and Incarnation
19.  Tulsidas and Incarnation
20.  The Future of Hindi

Author's Introduction...
Father Dr. Camille Bulcke, S.J.
Born in West Flanders, Belgium on 1-9-1909, Father Bulcke, who came over to India in 1935 as a Jesuit missionary, was a versatile genius. He was B.Sc. (Engineering), Louvain University, Belgium; M.A. (Philosophy), Gregorian University, Rome; M.A. (Hindi) & D. Phil, Allahabad University. The D.Phil. thesis on the Genesis and Development of Rāmakathā (Rāma-story) established him as a great Indologist and international authority on the subject.
Dr. Bulcke was Head of the Deptt. of Hindi and Sanskrit (1950-1977), St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi. He was awarded Padma Bhushan by the President of India in 1974. He died on 17-8-1982.
His famous works include : The Saviour, The Theism in Nyaya-Vaisheshika, Rāmakathā : Utpatti aur Vikās, A Technical English- Hindi Dictionary, English-Hindi Dictionary, Nayā Vidhān (New Testament in Hindi), Rāmakathā aur Tulsidāsa and, Pavitra Bible (Hindi Bible).
His English articles, published in book-form for the first time, deal with Rāmakathā, Vālmiki, Tulsidāsa and comparative theological themes and are among his major contributions to Indian studies.

Editor's Introduction...
Dr. Dineshwar Prasad
The present collection of Dr. Bulcke’s English articles has been edited by Dr. Dineshwar Prasad, formerly Professor and HOD of Hindi and Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Ranchi University. He was Dr. Bulcke’s close associate and collaborator, whose contributions have been acknowledged by the great Indologist in a number of his works.
Dr. Dineshwar Prasad collaborated with  Dr. Bulcke in  'Mānas-Kaumudi' and 'Pavitra Bible'. He has also edited Dr. Bulcke Commemoration Volume in Hindi.
Dr. Prasad’s other works include : Loksāhitya aur Sanskriti, Prasad Ki Vichāradhāra, Hoffmann on Mundari Poetry, Aaj Ke Pratinidhi Kavi Prasad, Mundari Shabdāvali : Akhil Bharatiya Sandarbh and a monograph on Dr. Bulcke (Sahitya Academy, Delhi), and Mithak, Prateek aur Kavita.